Sunday, 27 January 2013

The job hunt in Denmark

Or job hunting in Copenhagen. Finding work in Copenhagen. Working in Denmark. However you want to describe it, the job hunt here is a tough old game, no matter whether you are a new graduate or, like me, an experienced professional. I have networked effectively and applied to as many jobs as possible but still no luck. I'm not giving up hope, I have had enough interviews to know that I am not unemployable. The websites and other resources I have utilised are the following:

Used this to extend my network, research like-minded professionals in the same field as me and see what companies they work for. Look up said company's website, apply for any jobs they have or send in a speculative application.

Standard jobsite

Standard jobsite - have not found anything on here however that I haven't found on jobindex

Jobs In Copenhagen
Jobsite apparently for English speaking professionals however more often than not, a lot of the jobs require English and another European language. I haven't been able to apply for any jobs here.

I also apply to jobs that 'require' higher education such as a Masters (I'm educated to Bachelor level only). Having spoken to a lot of recruiters, you will be seen if you have the relevant experience - don't not apply because you don't have a Masters as I have been assured that skillset and mindset will win over this.

Still, with all the above combined I am still sitting here, having lived here for three months, a marketer with almost 8 years experience and still unemployed. Is it a cultural thing? Do I need to learn how to speak business in a Danish sense, and not in the linguistic sense? Perhaps. Well, I stumbled across the Worktrotter initiative, which is an incredibly helpful resource for the expat here in Denmark. Dagmar Fink, the founder, has written two books which look to be just what I, and many an expat, are crying out for. They've both been reviewed favourably by both expats and Danes alike.

The Worktrotter's Guide To Denmark

Business Dances With Danes

Let me know what you think, I know I will!